Bright 2 Architectural Illuminations and Light Installations

Breathless Maiden Lane

A cutting-edge, undulating and dynamic light installation by Grimanesa Amorós Studio in the heart of Lower Manhattan creates an immersive environment that responds to its surrounding architecture in the marble and granite atrium in New York’s Financial District.

Carmel McNamara

Breathless Maiden Lane by Grimanesa Amorós Studio is located in a unique exhibition space in New York’s Financial District, right in the heart of Lower Manhattan. Grimanesa Amorós is a multidisciplinary artist whose prac- tice incorporates elements from sculpture, video, sound art and cutting-edge technology to create site-responsive installations to engage architecture and create community. The sculpture enhances and reveals the atrium’s architecture in which it is suspended: a glass, marble and granite space.

Utilizing LED lights in combination with diffusive reflective material and her signature ‘bubble’ sculptures. Hovering above the ground as if weightless, the work appears to defy gravity – a structural grid, designed to echo the building’s monumental windows, stands against the back wall of the atrium. This structure serves as the work’s spine, supporting the bubble sculptures and graceful LED lines, which appear to stretch out and explore the architecture of the atrium in undulating loops. Some lines touch the window panes as if grasping for the street.