Light Sculpture Installation

Central Academy of Fine Arts CAFA Art Museum

THE MIRROR CONNECTION  |  Beijing, China  2013



The Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing is one of China’s most prestigious and renowned art academies. It was the first national school of fine arts in Chinese history and the beginning of Chinese modern education of fine arts.

Designed by Japanese architect – Arata Isozaki, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum was established in September 2008.

Media: mixed media, LEDs, diffusive reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.
Dimensions: 90 feet x 70 feet x 40 feet


When entering the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, designed by Arata Isozaki, I felt absorbed by the luminous space and expansive lines he created in the lobby. Museums are not just for exhibitions; but they are places where we can produce new ideas to share with viewers. Therefore, I took this opportunity to unite areas of my creative process. These themes included my preference towards asymmetry and my search for infinite light. By doing so, I replicated what I felt in the lobby of the CAFA Art MuseumThe Mirror Connection is a piece where we connect with ourselves, the space, and the artwork.