Solo Exhibition

Litvak Gallery

LIGHT BETWEEN THE ISLANDS  |  Tel Aviv, Israel  2013



Light Between The Islands is an installation that includes islands of shimmering white bubbles, composed of various sizes, handmade from a different mold, and with drawings silkscreened over each of their surfaces. The bubbles that form the installations are a part of modular units and layers. Amoros multiplies and arranges the units into structures that could become monumental in scale, all the while appearing to be weightless.

The appearance of the artworks will change as the light that streams through the gallery’s front window changes throughout the day. Sometimes the installation will seem buoyant and ethereal, while at other times it will appear to be a solid mass. In any guise, she intends Light Between The Islands to convey a sense of wonder and playfulness. As visitors walk around, they will encounter and react to the presence and magic of her beloved Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca.

Litvak Gallery, founded in 2008, expanded its reach in early 2012 by representing artists of all media with showcases of contemporary Israeli and international artists.

Media: LEDs, diffusion material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware
Project Room: video animation
Music by: Ivri Lider The Young Professionals
Dimensions: 128 feet 4 in x 28 feet 10 in x 19 feet 8 in
Essay by: Jane Farver

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LIGHT BETWEEN THE ISLANDS, an continuation of the URO HOUSE series. It is an installation by Grimanesa Amoros includes glowing dorms as islands of varying sizes, whose interiors are illuminated by a programmed lighting sequence.

As the viewer encounters the work, Amoros transmits a feeling of temporariness, magic, and wonder, together with her desire to preserve memory, sites, and landscapes. In her work, the past meets the future.



The article by Jane Farver, please read it here.