Liberatum Artistry / Swire Properties

10:06 Liberatum Artistry – Salon: Liberatum Culture 2015
Panelists: Grimanesa Amoros, Isaac Julien, Hans Ulrich Obrist
Event Host: Simon de Pury
Hong Kong

Liberatum is an international cultural diplomacy organization, multimedia and cultural content founded by Pablo Ganguli in 2011. It promotes arts and culture worldwide through inspiring, innovative content and global programming to connect the finest minds and acclaimed creative leaders of our time. In short, the organization presents multidisciplinary artistic platforms to merges and encourage the collaboration of the art and culture.

The event is an exciting three-day event showcasing the power of artistry and innovation. It will feature series of programmed talks at the Swire Properties Lounge at Art Basel. The panelists includes Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator, and Director of Exhibitions and International Programmes for the Serpentine Gallery, will discuss the impact of technology on creativity today. Peruvian born American interdisciplinary artist Grimanesa Amoròs and English installation artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien.

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