Life Sciences Symposium

14:10 Life Sciences Symposium 2018 | Life Science 2018 Real Estate Development Symposium |
The New Opportunity: Reimagining New York City Using Biology |
Moderator: Nancy J Kelley |
New York, NY, United States

The Life Science Symposium

The premiere Life Sciences 2018 Real Estate Development Symposium, held at the New York Academy of Sciences on June 12th, was a sold-out success. The Symposium’s speakers examined the progress and potential that New York City has for the life sciences industry, providing discussions and exclusive insights on industry drivers, requirements for space and characteristics of life science real estate and the state of life sciences in New York City. The symposium was especially timely since the City of New York has just announced its intention to establish an Applied Life Sciences Hub in New York City, the flagship project of LifeSci NYC, a 10-year, $500 million commitment to New York City’s life science sector. This symposium was the first meeting in a series of meetings intended to serve as the catalyst for more targeted initiatives that the New York City life science real estate community could pursue. All proceeds from the symposium were dedicated to supporting the launch of the newly created Builds Bio+ initiative.

To Watch the complete Symposium on YouTube, please click here.
To Watch panel #5 The New Opportunity: Reimagining New York City Using Biology on YouTube, please click here.

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