Harper′s BAZAAR Art China July 2013

ART CHANGES THE WORLD 2013 Hong Kong BAZAAR ART NIGHT New Wave of Art Changes the Rules



Same as last years, art is a leading theme of “BAZAAR ART NIGHT”. This BAZAR ART NIGHT invites Nu Bing, a Chinese artist to inscribe the banquet name with his symbolic “Book from the Sky”: Sui Jianguo, an artist to create a sculpture specifically for BAZAR ART NIGHT, based on which, the trophy of BAZAR ART PRIZE is produced: Yang Maoyuan, an artist to make limited-edition art gifts and La Zhengyuan to design the art gift box for the banquet. And Grimanesa Amorós, an artist from Peru has a special trip to Jong Kong creating a group of massive light fixtures at the site in Four Seasons Hotel. It’s the first time that this female artist has such a large work in Asia.
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