(Encaustic Panels)


Year: 2002 Drawing Ink on hand made abaca paper with encaustic medium and beeswax on Birch plywood. Photos by Grimanesa Amorós Studio

“Fluid” is part of a body of encaustic panels originating from the set entitled “Snow and Grass.” The statement for that set discusses some of the underlying ideas and methods in this piece and the others.
In this series, I sought the visual textures of the body’s internal fluids versus the external or microscopic textures found in “La Piel” and “Body Cells.” I sense these fluids as not just a combination of liquids and soft tissues, but also as energy and motion; the pulsing of the heart and the rushing of the blood. Beneath the imperturbable skin that clothes the body as an object of desire and neurosis in culture, there are hidden mechanisms that are the truth of our desires and fears.