Light Sculpture



Media: LEDs, diffusion material, customs lighting sequence, electric hardware
Dimensions:  87” x 77” x 120”


Grimanesa Amoros’ LUMINOUS PORTRAITS series reflects the forward-looking changes in American society while drawing on her Peruvian heritage. The limited edition series explores the relationship between Incan sun ceremonies and the futurist aesthetic, which shares a fascination with vitality, life, and technological progress.

Amoros blends vibrant colors and geometric designs from traditional Pre Columbian textiles and ceramics with smooth metallic textures and futuristic shapes to create a dynamic visual language that fuses past and present. This amalgamation prompts viewers to consider the effects of tradition on our future.

Amoros’ approach embraces her cultural roots growing up in Peru alongside groundbreaking innovations, creating a world embedded in heritage yet open to new possibilities. LUMINOUS PORTRAITS explores the influence of tradition on our collective future.