Mixed Media Sculpture



Dimensions: 72 in x 13 in x 11 in
ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

When I was young, I ventured into The Vault, an S&M club in the meatpacking district. I will never forget the things I saw there. Some years later I found, discarded in the same neighborhood, a meat hook tree that would become “Meat Market”.

Our sexual desire is like a hunger that can only be satiated by consumption, and the more we consume the more we need. We crave the freshness of youth and throw away the old and rotten. What once held the flesh of animals, now skewers fresh human meat. This piece sexualizes parts of my own body; candy-colored nipples made of silicone, cut into slabs and penetrated by rusty hooks. The resulting image is seductive as well as grotesque.