NURTUREart is a non-profit arts services organization. In 2001, the organization conducted three literacy-through-art workshops for teens with the Committee for the Heights-Inwood Homeless youth development program. Grimanesa Amoros was selected to participate, not only because of her artistic merit, but also for the subject matter and materials involved in her creative process. The entire project was designed to bring the pleasures and excitement of contemporary fine art to residents of all ages of Washington Heights, a borough length-way from the downtown Manhattan art scene. The development program was designed to enhance English proficiency and academic skills of new immigrant youth from Washington Heights through the tools of art and music. The children, ranging in age from ten to sixteen, traveled to Ms. Amoros’ studio where they were inspired by her work. The sixteen youngsters learned the art of paper making and how to represent their ideas with pictures. Year: 2001 photos by Grimanesa Amorós Studio