Light Sculpture



Media: LEDs, reflective mirror material, diffusion material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware
Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 24 inches (97 cm x 97 cm x 61 cm)


PARADISUS, an ethereal sanctuary born of reverence for nature’s allure and the enchanting power it holds, captivates with its compelling presence. Inspired by a transformative journey through Japan, Amoros’s perception of the natural world deepened, evoking cherished memories of childhood wanderings in her childhood garden—an overgrown landscape of exploration.

Nestled within the scenic landscapes of Takamatsu, Japan, the resplendent Ritsurin Garden emerges, adorned with the vibrant allure of azalea flowering shrubs. Veiled in mystery, these delicate blooms conceal untamed potency and undisclosed toxicity. PARADISUS embraces this mesmerizing dichotomy, an embodiment of the universal concept where beauty and danger dance in harmonious tandem—an ephemeral realm that thrives within the realms of imagination and the whispers of its existence.

Within PARADISUS, the delicate fragility of nature unfolds, revealing an astonishing resilience and potent beauty. It stands as a testament to the profound interplay between strength and vulnerability, beckoning us to contemplate the intricate tapestry woven by opposing forces in the grand symphony of life.