Mixed Media on Paper



Book of Drawings; 15 pages. Dimensions: 12.75″ x 18.125″ inches
ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

Hudson River Community Health Center and the Peekskill Project This book was completed for the “Art & Book” project to be held in Barcelona Hotel OMM, from November 22 – December 20. The project is curated by Son Projects and Son Espace.

These drawings were inspired by a site-specific installation displayed in the large facade window of the Hudson River Community Health Center (HRH), focusing on its relationship with the diverse community of Peekskill, New York.

In my research I learned of the group of four women who founded HRH in the 1960s, and that after 40 years these women are still active in the community. Their time and dedication inspired me to create a project about them. I admire their determination and accomplishments, and use it as motivation for my own work. My strong impulse in approaching this project was to honor the legacy of these women and to help draw attention to the important organization that has emerged from their efforts.

Drawing upon interviews conducted with some of the founding mothers, I have chosen certain ideas and phrases, which HRH embodies. Some of the words were translated into Spanish to acknowledge the multicultural community in which HRH participates. The colors and shapes of this work are, like the words, drawn from the existing character of HRH.

This work will serve to illuminate the words and images of HRH in people’s minds, as in their eyes, enhancing the life of the organization and its important role in the community.