Site-Specific Light Sculpture

21c Museum Hotel

UROS  |  Cincinnati, Ohio  2012


Illuminati is a collection of interactive new media projects, designed to engage viewers with art, light, space, and one another. It creates opportunities for visitors to return in order to experience dynamic artworks that change, reflect, and animate their surroundings over time.

21c Museum, dedicated to integrating contemporary art into daily life, renovated and restored the 100-year-old former Metropole Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.

Media: LEDs, diffusion material, vinyl, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware
Dimensions: 7 ft x 5 ft x 1 1/4 ft

ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

Originally designed to be a floor installation, Uros was adapted to be installed as a wall sculpture at 21c Cincinnati. A custom-designed lighting sequence changes the color of the piece to emit a spectrum of glowing hues, transforming the surrounding space and engaging viewers in an awareness of site and self, while referencing the Peruvian island environment of Uros.