Permanent Site-Specific Light Sculpture

The Bronx Museum of the Arts | White 80 Street

ARGENTUM | Manhattan, NY 2019



Media: LEDs, diffusion and reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware, stainless steel.  Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft 4 in x 5 ft 4 in

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ARGENTUM derives its inspiration from the building at 80 White Street. The choice of steel as the primary material for the sculpture is deeply rooted in the industrial heritage of lower Manhattan.

Grimanesa Amoros contemplates the very essence of the city, recognizing steel as one of its fundamental building blocks. Within the composition of ARGENTUM, , two distinctive sections converge, symbolizing the juxtaposition between the island of Manhattan and the neighboring borough of the Bronx. 

The left section embodies Manhattan, serving as the starting point for New York’s relentless expansion throughout the ages, eventually reaching the vibrant landscapes of the Bronx.  This dual representation encapsulates the dynamic growth and profound development that has characterized the city’s evolution.

The convergence of 80 White Street’s steel foundation and the AIM Program’s transformative presence in Manhattan catalyzed Grimanesa Amoros to unify two indispensable elements of the building: its robust structural base and the diverse array of individuals it accommodates. This artistic fusion expresses the connection between the architectural foundation and the essence of the vibrant community it nurtures.

Description: ARGENTUM is a new site-specific commission by AIM Program of Bronx Museum. The 9-foot wide sculpture, located at the future home of the extended AIM program in Lower Manhattan at 80 White Street, connects the island of Manhattan and the Bronx.