Outdoor Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation

Claramatte Parkhaus Facade

LA RECOLECCIÓN   |  Basel, Switzerland  2010

This project is sponsored by Tequila Jose Cuervo and commissioned by Nina Menocal Gallery.

Media: Outdoor rated LEDs, diffusion material, slotted angle steel, vinyl coated steel cable, zinc coated hardware, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.
Dimensions: 9 ft x 30 ft x 2/3 ft


LA RECOLECCIÓN, by Grimanesa Amoros, ingeniously transforms a facade in Basel into a mystical, reimagined vending realm. The entry or exit into this space is marked by coins, artfully designed by Amoros, offering a symbolic gesture. These coins, rich in symbolism, embody not just wealth and luck but also the journey from one point to another. Amoros meticulously crafts her drawings on round polycarbonate circles, each representing her unique interpretation of currency, skillfully integrating distinguishing elements from Swiss Francs and Mexican Pesos.

Amoros’s coins offer a profound commentary on the immense influence even the smallest unit of currency can wield in determining accessibility.