Outdoor Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation


CETHA |  Palazzo Colesanti, Viterbo, Italy 2019



Media: LEDs, reflective material, custom lighting sequence, and electrical hardware.

Dimensions: 15 ft x 10 ft x 5 ft


Radiating with an ethereal luminosity, the strength of the sun cascades off the hallowed grounds of Civita di Bagnoregio square, transcending the boundaries of time itself to reach back to the ancient Etruscans—the masterful architects who forged this extraordinary city.

The enduring echoes of their enigmatic culture intertwine with the vibrant pulse of CETHA, a lighting sculpture by Grimanesa Amoros, a lighting sculpture by Grimanesa Amoros, named after the Etruscan word for “sun.” CETHA is found at the entrance of this historical town where past and present gracefully converge, with its main motif being the intense sun that highlights the town’s small towers to this day.

CETHA beckons visitors to partake in an immersive communion with the rich heritage of this town, forging a profound connection that reverberates through the ages.


The red lights interact with the ancient architecture Porta Santa Maria of Civita di Bagnoregio. By weaving in and out of the window, the work creates an interaction with the towns heritage. Because of this interaction viewers are able to connect with their past.