Site-Specific Light Sculpture

No Longer Empty

TAPIZ  |  New York, NY  2010

No Longer Empty is an innovative project involving a group of artists and curators who are interested in exploring a new paradigm of making and presenting art.

The joint venture team of Jonathan Rose Companies and Lettire Construction Corporation  developed Tapestry, a 12-story gateway residential building located in Harlem at the foot of the RFK Bridge in Manhattan.

This project is sponsored by No Longer Empty and El Museo Del Barrio.

Media: LEDs, diffusion material, slotted angle steel, vinyl coated steel cable, zinc coated hardware, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware
Dimensions: 12 ft x 16 ft x 4 ft.

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ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

Tapestries are hanging, multicolored, woven histories. In Tapiz, I am weaving the faces of 125th street together to represent a merging of past, present, and future. People from diverse backgrounds are converging in Harlem, which will generate a new cultural and economic renaissance.