Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation

Time Equities Art in Buildings

BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE  |  Financial District Time Equities Building,  New York, NY  2014


Media: LEDs, diffusion and reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.Dimensions: 25 ft x 18 ft x 18 ft

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ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

I created BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE as a site-specific installation for Time Equities Inc. Art-in-Buildings in New York City.

“Breathless” conjures the idea of excitement. New Yorkers have developed habits of dealing with the multitude of stimuli that surrounds us every day. To combat this, the work overrides the viewer’s tendency to ignore their environment and increase their awareness of their surroundings.

The work was initially developed through walking around Maiden Lane. While doing so, I immediately felt a strong connection to the location. 

As I researched and studied Maiden Lane’s history, I came across many theories about the area. In one of my searches, I uncovered that Maiden Lane’s was a winding path for lovers. Thus this winding path provides a perspective, much like the street patterns of Lower Manhattan. Because early city planners patterned the majority of the streets in this area to follow pre-existing waterways, rather than the grid pattern imposed on the majority of Manhattan. For this reason, the streets of Lower Manhattan appear chaotic.

Thus, the surroundings, the energy, and the people created this busy area prompted the creation of BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE.

BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE gives the sensation of rays of light hurtling toward the viewer. Through this work, I invite viewers to discover a new way to see and experience Maiden Lane.

Description: Breathless Maiden Lane, a monumental light sculpture installation, was featured in New York City’s financial district.  The work is a mixture of white and gold LED lighting tubes activating the Times Equity Building.  Because of this, Breathless Maiden Lane provokes a sensation of wonderment and awe, leaving them breathless.