Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation

Time Equities Art in Buildings

BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE  |  Financial District Time Equities Building,  New York, NY  2014



Media: LEDs, diffusion and reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.

Dimensions: 25 ft x 18 ft x 18 ft

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The concept of “BREATHLESS” evokes a sense of exhilaration, capturing the essence of the bustling New York lifestyle where individuals navigate an abundance of stimuli each day. The viewer becomes captivated by BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE, heightening their awareness of the environment.

Amoros’s delved into the history of Maiden Lane, learning that this winding path was steeped with romantic lore. She delved further and discovered the unique street patterns of Lower Manhattan. Unlike the grid pattern imposed on much of Manhattan, the streets of the Financial District followed the pre-existing waterways, resulting in an organic and seemingly chaotic layout.

Inspired by the energetic surroundings and the lively presence of people, BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE ame to life. The monumental light sculpture installation mesmerizes viewers with its dynamic composition of white and gold LED lighting tubes, elegantly activating the façade of the Times Equity Building. BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE awakens your senses and unveils the bustling cityscape’s hidden beauty.

Description: Breathless Maiden Lane, a monumental light sculpture installation, was featured in New York City’s financial district.  The work is a mixture of white and gold LED lighting tubes activating the Times Equity Building.  Because of this, Breathless Maiden Lane provokes a sensation of wonderment and awe, leaving them breathless.