Site-Specific Light Sculpture


UROS  |  New York, NY  2012


Media:  LEDs, diffusion material, vinyl, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.

Dimensions:  15 ft x 9 ft x 26 in


During the 2011 holiday season, as part of its 10th-anniversary celebrations, Tribeca ISSEY MIYAKE presented “Uros,” – a lighting sculpture installation by Peruvian artist Grimanesa Amorós. This project was part of a series of works encapsulating the elegance of sea foam and totora reeds used for building the floating Uros Islands. Therefore, the artist designed a sequence of lights within the sculpture to extend its presence in the boutique. Additionally, the Tribeca ISSEY MIYAKE held a special press launch event for the artist and the project in December 2011.

Description:  Uros is part of a series of light sculptures by Grimanesa Amorós. The sculptures are Amorós’ interpretation of the floating Uros Islands in Puno, Peru.

Therefore, for  Issey Miyake’s  Tribeca headquarters store, Amorós has multiplied and arranged these units into structures that are monumental in scale yet weightless in appearance. Additionally, illuminated by a LED custom lighting sequence, the installation continuously transforms. At times, the work seems buoyant and ethereal, while at other times, it appears as a solid mass.

Tribeca ISSEY MIYAKE is the site for the  Miyake US  headquarters and the flagship store carrying all Issey Miyake collections. It features a titanium “intervention,” or sculpture, by Frank Gehry.