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Single Channel Video
Music: Ivri LiderThe Young Professionals
Full Length: 4 min 40 sec
Year: 2013
Country of Production: USA

( English / Espanol )



MIRANDA was inspired by reshapes of a natural environment which mixes images of ancient Incan monuments, animations of my own face transformed with the lines of the torora reeds, and circuit boards. All of this imagery is derived from Incan sun masks and shots of sea foam washed up on the Peruvian coastline, where I have recently shot for seven consecutive days at the same time. It was just when the sun leaves and the moon comes right after.

It was impressive and miraculous to see that every day! The light was very different from the day before, and it leaves you in wonder!

Since my childhood I have been attracted by the abstract visual quality of such landscapes. When traveling by plane, which I often find myself doing very often. I could always be found glued to a window, astonished by the preciseness of the terraced steps of places such as Machu Picchu, or by the patchwork pattern of the farmland below upon my latest arrival to the land of Israel.

The esthetic purity of these man-made vistas stood out in stark contrast to the untouched quality of their environs. As seen from above, the individual circular fields reveal intricate, and unique designs. The vastness of these landscapes touched my practical sensibilities; I was astounded by the amount of technology necessary to their creation. This work demonstrates how competition for resources has lead not only to fascinating technological innovations, but also to many of the dire social and political situations in regions such as the Middle East.

Miranda encourages viewers to reflect on the inestimable impact natural environments have on human history, underlining fundamental sources of conflict in many sparse outposts of civilization. It impels us to question what is “natural” in allowing a glimpse of the cryptic but conspicuous signature we leave on the landscape of our planet.