Grimanesa Amoros AMPLEXUS light sculpture installation at Cultural Palace Diplomatic Quarters Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Grimanesa Amoros GOLDEN ARRAY at RELIANCE GROUP / MAKER MAXITY JIO WORLD DRIVE monumental light sculpture
Grimanesa Amoros HEDERA light sculpture at Prospect Park Bandshell Brooklyn, NY
Grimanesa Amoros Rendering of FLEXUS an upcoming light installation at Harper St. Asphalt Plant Queens, NY
Grimanesa Amoros SCIENTIA light sculpture installation at Azukuna Zentroa Bilbao, Spain


Interactive, highly acclaimed Light Artist Grimanesa Amorós is renowned for her extraordinary expertise in creating mesmerizing site-specific lighting sculptures worldwide.

Her captivating creations delve into identity, culture, and the profound interplay between light and space. As a visionary in the art world, Grimanesa Amoros pushes boundaries and sparks thought-provoking conversations through her immersive installations. Experience the transformative power of light and art by exploring the vision of Grimanesa Amoros, the mastermind behind awe-inspiring light sculptures and captivating site-specific lighting artworks.