Arte Americas Staff – The Miami Herald

09.06.09 — The Miami-based Latin American fair arteaméricas has named three local executives to key positions: Dora Valdés-Faulí, art director; María Nápoles, executive director, and Othón Castañeda, associate director. All have been involved with the fair for years. Valdés-Faulí, a former Coral Gables gallery owner and art consultant, has participated in arteaméricas since the March fair began eight years ago. Nápoles has managed the logistics of the event, and Castañeda coordinated the design and layout. A statement from the new management team says that given “the current economic climate,” they’re designing a package for galleries and partners “to make our fair more affordable.” — FABIOLA SANTIAGO Dora Valdés-Faulí with You Cannot Feel It... I Wish You Could by Grimanesa Amoros
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