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Solo Exhibition Ludwig Museum Ocupante  |  Koblenz, Germany 2016

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Lighting Sculpture Installation Katonah Museum Onsite Katonah | Righter Gallery | Katonah, New York 2016

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Light Sculpture Installation Central Academy of Fine Arts CAFA Art Museum THE MIRROR CONNECTION  |  Beijing, China  2013

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Light Sculpture Installation The Grand Palais – The Biennale des Antiquaires TIMELESS MOTION (in Life and Light) | Paris, France

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Light Sculpture Installation Ministry of Culture of Spain FORTUNA | Tabacalera Promoción del Arte Madrid, Spain 2013

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Light Sculpture Installation Rutgers University MOMENTUM WOMEN / ART / TECHNOLOGY  |  New Brunswick, NJ 2014

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Single-Channel Video Exhibition Tabacalera Promoción del Arte OCUPANTE | Madrid, Spain 2018

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Solo Exhibition Litvak Gallery LIGHT BETWEEN THE ISLANDS  |  Tel Aviv, Israel  2013

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Multimedia Sculpture Video Installation Longwoods Arts Project, Bronx BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH  |  Bronx, NY  2004-2006

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Light Sculpture Installation National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts UROS ISLAND  |  Taichung, Taiwan 2011 – 2012

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