INSIDE-OUTSIDE: L`invisibilità del visibile

“Inside-Outside:The invisibilty of visible”

Primo Piano Gallery from 12/11/2010 to 1/5/2011

Rootless Algas by Grimanesa Amoros

In the last years we have  assisted to the disappearance of the city, to the expansion of diffused outskirts, of physical nets of communication, of industrial zones that have corroded agricultural zones, parks, ancient gardens and river circles. In parallel, the architectural culture has faced problems of urban renewal territorial and landscape, developing attitudes of responsibility towards the past in the belief that recovering it contributes to renew the present.

Today, a new culture is emerging in the landscape that recognizes their value as an archive of traces of human history and nature: The concept today is not intended as a landscape or environment, or as a territory, but as an aspect of the environment and land perceived by those who benefit, not only production space, but good symbolic, collective cultural reference, the result of common purpose and layering structures evolved over time, a continuous “agreement” between the forces of nature and necessity of  the man. The construction of an archive of landscape is related to this new culture of the place, understood as a context that is strongly and clearly the concrete network meanings within which the actions of men become cultural facts, the value reflects an “exchange value” in social action, a public phenomenon, therefore, not
individual, but subjectively gives meaning to the actions of daily life, work,
interpersonal relationships and living.

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