a-part Festival Le Paraduo

2:51 a-part Festival 2015 | face2face portraits/autoportraits/selfies 
Introducer: Pascale Licari, Mayor of Le Paraduo
Moderator: Leila Voight, Founder of a-part Festival
Translator: Diana Castillo, Coordinator for a-part Festival
Le Paradou, France

The a-part festival is a modern arts festival takes place in the Alpilles.
Portraits, self-portraits, selfies is the theme for an eternal and current narcissism of this 2015 edition of the festival. The portrait was the symbol of power of yesterday. Only those powerful having the means and the legitimacy to pamper a painter so that he/she represents them in their finest finery. The self-portrait allowed the most outstanding artists to free themselves from this hold by celebrating their faces, with or without a severed ear.

There are more and more selfies via everyone’s smartphone. For example, some formidable or bizarre, as in Tunisia, others often insignificant or proud of being. The total reversal of our relationship to self-portrait questions our societies. The claimed omnipresence of the self-image for us is the reverse of the masked omnipresence of all wars, whether economic or terrorists.

The artist talk is the event of a-part Festival at Le Paraduo. To see more information , please click here.

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