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Architectural Digest article of Grimanesa Amoros light installation golden array at Mumbai India

Architectural Digest article of Grimanesa Amoros light installation Golden Array

Artist Grimanesa Amorós’s light sculpture is an ode to the streets of Mumbai


The large-scale, site-specific light sculpture at Mumbai’s BKC was inspired by the artist’s journey through India, specifically Mumbai



Recently opened to the public in India at JioWorld Drive, Mumbai’s premium retail district in Bandra Kurla Complex, Golden Array finds inspiration from the countless wires threading our streets, present everywhere and yet invisible.


“Wires represent the elemental desire for humans to connect and more importantly, the complex and tangled communication systems we create to facilitate that interaction,” says the artist Grimanesa Amorós.


Concept of Golden Array


India’s bustling streets are synonymous with its zigzagging cable lines that form a complex web of wires powering entire cities and towns with electricity and telecommunication. “While journeying throughout India, I could not help but notice the vast array of cable lines across the horizon: wires upon wires laid atop one another, in every direction, from every vantage point, some thick, some thin, some twisted, some knotted, some straight, some with clear direction, others following unknowable paths. Tangled, and yet, in the end, all functional,” she tells AD.


However, beyond utility, the way Amorós sees it is that they form an integral part of the urban blueprint as a whole. Golden Array adds to these many communication layers by inviting the viewer to imagine and reflect on the elaborate and complex array that interconnects us.


For Amorós, the streets of Mumbai became her canvas as she was fascinated by the many ways in which people navigate through them with their dreams and desires. “I found myself inspired by this contrast of energy and contemplation when creating it. The work was made to be viewed from all angles. I aimed to develop a space where visitors could centre themselves while still being immersed in the absorbing movement of the city. A meditative state of mind is essential to understand the work thoroughly.”


About Grimanesa Amoros


A direct relationship with technology is one of the distinctive features of Amorós’ practice. Her works incorporate sculpture, video, lighting, and technological elements to create site-specific light installations involving architecture and engaging the community. “Technology is integrated into our everyday lives now more than ever, and because of this,” she adds, “art in conversation with technology will become more commonplace. I am continuing to innovate in my practice and challenge myself as our technological landscape changes.”


The Peru-born artist


The Peru-born artist has often also drawn upon important cultural legacies for inspiration for her large-scale, light-based installations. Still, she does not hold an essentialist or nostalgic view of her subjects. In the art of Grimanesa Amorós, the past is meeting the future.

For her upcoming projects in cities such as New York, San Diego, Nebraska, Miami—and even in countries like Mexico, Spain, Germany, and Turkey—she hopes to weave in technology effectively.


“My curiosity creates endless opportunities for risk,” she says, “and I enjoy experimenting with new technologies. Every day, I live a new day in romance with the unknown, which means that one never knows what will be coming into our lives next.”


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