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Grimanesa Amoros is a New York-based

American interdisciplinary artist with diverse

interests in the fields of social history, scientific

research, and critical theory. Through her art,

she conveys a sense of ephemeral wonder,

entrancing viewers from different

backgrounds and communities. She inspires

others to become agents of empowerment.



Grimanesa Amorós

in conversation with Ilona Lee

By: Ilona Lee


Ilona: What light means to you?


Grimanesa: Light holds an ephemeral quality; it engages us emotionally and captures the imagination. As a medium it has a unique ability to bridge across cultures and diverse audiences; we all connect to light.


Ilona: How did the journey for light sculpture installations begin?


Grimanesa: A trip to see the northern lights initially inspired the incorporation of light into my artwork. However, light has always been present in my thought process. In my childhood, the Peruvian sunsets and sunrises were a source of never-ending fascination.


Ilona: In what ways can visitors engage with the work? What do you hope they take away from these interactions?


Grimanesa: Engagement comes in the form of personal connection, leading my viewers to live more creatively and purposely, whatever their occupation may be.


Ilona: How do you choose the type of project to work on?


Grimanesa: I am interested in projects that empower my personal growth and provide opportunity for cultural connection.


Ilona: When and how did your work start getting recognition?


Grimanesa: Being an artist is a life journey. For a time, creating work and sharing it was my only reward and recognition. However, if you love what you do, the rest follows.



“Light holds an ephemeral quality; it engages us emotionally and

captures the imagination. As a medium it has a unique ability to bridge

across cultures and diverse audiences; we all connect to light.” 



“Life motto LPP: Love, Passion, and Perseverance”


Ilona: Having had work exhibited in different locations internationally including the UK, China, USA, India, Israel, and Tel Aviv, what is the purpose Grimanesa Amoros Studio wants to convey through your works?


Grimanesa: My light sculptures convey connection and a unique experience with technology. They form relationships encompassing the community, architecture, and historical events—the past meeting the future.


Ilona: What it means to live an Artful Life?


Grimanesa: Stay curious and inspire others to think creatively, even if they may not be a “creative”. I am often invited as a keynote speaker at Universities, where I lecture about my work and life as an artist. I always mention my favorite acronym and life motto LPP: Love, Passion, and Perseverance.


Ilona; How can art help our mental health and well-being?


Grimanesa: When creating monumental sculptures, I consider how our architectural surroundings affect our state of mind and wellbeing. Art provides us with a means of accessing our emotional selves. It makes us more empathetic, giving us a space to nurture and prosper.


Ilona: What is Home for you?


Grimanesa: I travel extensively, but I consider New York City to be my home base.


Ilona: What is the next project for GA Studio?


Grimanesa: I have upcoming projects with the city of New York, San Diego, Miami, Nebraska, and I am working with other countries such as Mexico, Germany, and Turkey.



“Art provides us with a means of accessing our emotional selves.

It makes us more empathetic, giving us a space to nurture and prosper.”



Light Sculpture Installation  


by Grimanesa Amoros



Monumental Light Sculpture Installation

Palazzo Colesanti, Viterbo, Italy

by Grimanesa Amoros


CETHA has red lighting with pink hues in its sequence, which represents the sunrise that burns red in the morning and streams its light throughout the town.



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