(Private collection)


En la palma de la mano In the palm of your hand

Year: 2001 6 ” x 6″ x 6 inches, Encaustic Medium on Candle wax, wood crystals and mixed media Photos by Grimanesa Amorós Studio
ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND was a traveling exhibition curated by Juan Castro y Velasquez, which opened at the CCE in Cuenca in April 2001. The same exhibit went on to be viewed at the CCE in Quito, Ecuador.

Mr. Castro y Velasquez tells us that the size of the work not only makes it easy for the pieces to be transported, but that title of the Exhibition relates the concept that, with only a few words, you are saying a lot, which could be understood in almost all the indo-europeans languages.

Many years ago I read Think on These Things by J. Krishnamurti. Since then I often reflect on these thoughts expressed by his work:

“The weight of tradition is so enormous that all initiative has been destroyed, and you have ceased to be an individual”

“You are merely part of a social machine then you are not a complete human being, because fear gnaws at your heart, and as long as there is fear, there is no joy, no creativity.”

“This earth is ours. It is yours and mine, to be lived on, without conflict, and that is the state of learning.” In my work the creative process is having the patience to challenge myself and inquire into all aspects of my life without fear.