Click Here for more images and information Jamaica Flux: Workspaces & Windows 2007 is a contemporary public art project which includes the commission, creation, and exhibition of 25 multidisciplinary, site-specific artworks.  These works will be displayed at a variety of locations along Jamaica Avenue (Queens, NY) including banks, stores, restaurants, street corners, phone booths, parks, and other public spaces from September 29 – November 17, 2007. The project is an outgrowth of Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning’s (JCAL) extremely well-received Jamaica Flux: Workspaces & Windows 2004 project. Jamaica Flux 2007 challenges traditional ideas about where art should be displayed and explores the relationship between art, commerce, urban renewal, and community.  By facilitating an inclusive dialogue between artists, curators, art-historians, community residents, business owners, and visitors to Jamaica, Queens, the project examines issues such as identity and cultural heritage, immigrant experiences, capitalism and technology and their impacts on contemporary arts practices, and the historic specificity of place and time. JCAL is one of the oldest alternative spaces in New York City, a 35-year-old multidisciplinary urban arts center serving the community of Southeast Queens. Jamaica, Queens is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the country, and JCAL programming strives to reflect the diversity of its vibrant community. Exposición September 29, 2007-November 17, 2007: Site-specific Exhibition Location: Various indoor/outdoor sites along and off Jamaica Avenue
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Está viniendo…..
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We are happy to announce that the Second Floor of the Hudson River Health Center has been painted! It took a diligent team of 7, painting into the wee hours of the night, covering the walls and ceilings, to complete the task.

Grimanesa Amoros SUBSTANCIAL group photo

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Bolstered by the community’s embracement of the first two phases of Substancial, the opportunity emerged to explore the initial concept and intentions of the piece in further detail. Substancial Phase 4 reflects the origins of the hudson river Health Center as a grassroots project and ties into the later emergence of the concept of the health center as a network of service providers which originates from the the flagship Health Center in Peekskill NY. Since the Health Center’s inception in 1975, 14 additional facilities have been created in different counties throughout NY State. Substancial Phase 4 incorporates this idea of the relationship between potentiality and movement with it’s dense accumulation of lanterns which convey a sense of potential energy and expanding mass in an explosion of light and form along the length of the façade of the health center.
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