Wynwoodland CHINA

Group Exhibtion curated by Andreina Fuentes

April 15-30, 2009

CANART Institute of Contemporary Arts

1A of builing 4, IIInShangHUB 727 No.727 dingxi Rd. Shanghai, China 200052  

Gallery Hours

Opening Ceremony: April 15, 7pm-9pm Professional Day: April 16,17,20, 10am-6pm Public Viewing: April 18-30, 10am-6pm

For more information about the Art Shanghai 2009 Art Fair please contact Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, Rochi Llaneza, Correo electrónico: [email protected] or Tel: 305.576.1645

Para obtener más información sobre el artista, comuníquese con Hiroka Kitamura, Correo electrónico: [email protected]
The Latin-American Pavilion (LAP) is a space for the Development of Latin American Art/Culture in Asia, a place where the great masters encounter the emerging new artists of the American-Continent. Within The Latin-American Pavilion we find galleries which specialize in Latin-American Art with various origins in Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, all of which today exhibit through it, the works of renowned artists from the continent. The LAP, a pioneer of its kind in Asia, has become a referring cornerstone for Latin-American culture in artistic Asian circles, bringing the best of what Latin-America has to offer, crossing land and water frontiers by building bridges to introduce the uniqueness of Latin-American Art to the Chinese households. To launch the new year’s LAP agenda, it has the honour of attending for the first time, The 2009 edition of ART SHANGHAI. This event marks the beginning of a surely long to come relation between both entities, promoting both the fair in Shanghai and Latin-American Art in China. For this event, the LAP will host galleries from Canada, Colombia, Cuba, China, Korea, Puerto Rico and the United States, all of which are authentic representatives of the best modern andcontemporary Latin-American Art. Among names we find such renowned figures as: Fernando Botero (Colombia), Manuel Carbonell (Cuba), Nelson Dominguez (Cuba), Jose Gamarra (Uruguay), Ignacio Iturria (Uruguay), Jesus Rafael Soto (Venezuela). The Latin-American Pavilion, originates as an initiative on behalf of Trazos, a gallery which specializes in Latin-American Art which has its headquarters in Shanghai, China as well as offices in Toronto, Canada and Montevideo, Uruguay. Trazos which has worked since its very beginning in developing artists from Hispanic America in Asia, has made possible in the last 4 years over 70 international events with more tan 50 international artist
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