Obras Recientes Peru 1990 essay by Eduardo Marceles

by Eduardo Marceles

All of Grimanesa Amoros’ artistic creations reflect upon the human figure and Nature. This is how Amoros defends the delicate balance that exists between humanity and the vital resources that sustain it. She has identified so closely with this theme that some of her images project a humanized Nature whose figures of treelike muscles are carved in wood or modeled from the fibers and foliage of the humid forests of tropical America.

Throughout her artistic career, Grimanesa has maintained an unceasing interest in experimentation. In earlier years her scenes of lovers were framed within an renaissance-type atmosphere reminiscent of Tiziano, albeit with bold brushstrokes and emphatic colors of expressionism. Her later works began to conjure gigantic images drawn with thick lines emphasizing blacks and shades of earthen colors, especially ocher, and white stains which render her personages strangely luminous.