Drawing Installation

Artco Gallery

TELL ME YOUR STORY  |  Lima, Peru  2002

6 Horizontal Drawings.
Dimensions: 4 ft x 14 ft.
Music: Laura Koplewitz in collaboration with Grimanesa Amoros

ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

My horizontal planes represent personality and opinion. This project was initiated by interviewing people in the local region of Lynchburg, Virginia. From my collection of interviews, I arranged statistics concerning their thoughts and motivations. During this process, my installation began to present itself in the form of horizontal, linear patterns similar to mathematical presentations of the mean, median, and mode. Rather than numeric statistics, my inquiries are presented through visual elements including pattern, light, and shade.

Much of my work deals with the social integration of people and the culture they inform. This project is a reaction to people from the local environment of Sweet Briar, Virginia.

By using communication as science and science as art, I present images that can be recognized as a set of statistics, as information gathered. A rhythm can be built from the opinions of people and their responses to life. Additionally, I had the opportunity to collaborate with composer, Laura Koplewitz, who produced a piece of music entitled “Tell me your Story”  to accompany my work.

It is my belief that through rhythm and variation, harmony and balance, the opinions of the local community represent the infinite structure of a horizon line.