Light Sculpture Installation

Ministry of Culture of Spain

FORTUNA | Tabacalera Promoción del Arte Madrid, Spain 2013



La Fragua, Tabacalera, is the building of the former Tobacco Factory of Embajadores. It is currently in public ownership under the  Ministry of Culture  of Spain through the General Directorate of Fine Arts (GDFA). Due to the building being part of historical heritage, the government has listed it as a  Heritage of Cultural Interest  site.

Media: LEDs, diffusion and reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.

Dimensions:  95 ft x 15 ft x 14 ft

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FORTUNA, by Grimanesa Amoros, finds its home in La Fragua, Tabacalera, the former Tobacco Factory of Embajadores, now owned by the Ministry of Culture of Spain through the General Directorate of Fine Arts (GDFA). Recognized as a Heritage of Cultural Interest site, this historical treasure inspired the remarkable creation of FORTUNA.

Enchanted by the magical Tabacalera, Amorós envisioned to create something special within its walls. She collected rolling paper during her visit, sensing its future significance. The name FORTUNA originates from the filters used in La Tabacalera cigars. As one ignites a cigar, the surrounding paper disintegrates from the heat. Yet, the filter allows the essence of the tobacco flavor to shine through before reaching its end. In the 1700s, cigars were accessible and enjoyed by all, embodying a spirit of sharing and fortune—a testament to the history of the old Tobacco Factory, which preceded the art center.

From this concept of sharing, FORTUNA, translating to fortune in English, celebrates doing good for others. Light breathes life into the sculpture, reflecting the essence of the Tobacco Factory’s past while inviting viewers to contemplate the significance of sharing and the fortune found in acts of kindness and generosity. Amorós’ creation in Tabacalera becomes a compelling exploration of history, art, and the profound impact of collective fortune.