La Nación - Español

La Nación Interview by Alejandro Roman and Roberto Bustamante with Grimanesa Amorós featuring Uros at tribeca ISSEY MIYAKE 4:13 2011 – 2012
La Nación “La Nación (English: The Nation) is an Argentine daily newspaper. As the country’s leading conservative paper, La Nación’s main competitor is the centrist Clarín. La Nación’s daily circulation averaged 165,166 in 2012, and still represented nearly 20% of the daily newspaper circulation in Buenos Aires; the paper is also distributed nationwide and around the world. According to third-party web analytics providers Alexa and SimilarWeb, La Nación’s website is the 9th and 17th most visited in Argentina respectively, as of August 2015. SimilarWeb rates the site as the 4th most visited news website in Argentina, attracting almost 32 million visitors per month.” (ón)
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