Year: 2003 Media: Flax cast paper and mixed media encaustic sculpture, 3 individual bowls Total Dimensions: 16 inches Width x 16 inches Length x 15 inches Height Large: 12 1/2 inches Width x 13 inches Length x 6 1/2 Height Middle: 12 inches Width x 6 inches Length x 11 inches Height Small: 8 inches Width x 3 1/2 inches Length x 7 inches Height Photos by Grimanesa Amorós Studio
ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

Fill Me Up is a mixed-media installation work that reflects upon issues of gender and sexuality in the context of a consumer society. It considers women’s bodies; specifically their functionality in the world, their definition as functional objects, and as objects of fertility. The work consists of a set of handmade bowls, filled with abaca casts of my nipples. The casts fill the containers like grain or coins. They are a product that can be re-produced, counted and parceled. They can be arranged or displayed differently according to the each individual’s imagination. Each piece is individual and unique yet multiple and replaceable; they evoke women’s bodies as commodity and as a currency of desire.