Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation

Harper’s Bazaar Art Art Basel Hong Kong

GOLDEN CONNECTION  |  Four Seasons Hotel – Bazaar Art Night
Hong Kong, China  2013


Media: mixed media, LEDs, diffusive reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware

Ballroom Sculpture – 100 ft x 50 ft x 20 ft.
Foyer Sculpture – 9 ft x 8 ft x 12 ft.


I travel throughout Peru whenever I can. Because of this, my exposure to the historical sites of the country led me to question the practices and religious beliefs of the dominant culture in Lima.  Thus I traveled the world to find a place where people have the freedom to practice their own culture. Through modern technology, we have the power of information, connection, and creation.

Although we take the power of our technology for granted, yet 3,000 years ago they would have been considered divine.


Description: Golden Connection is two light sculpture installations by Grimanesa Amorós. It was featured at Harper’s BAZAAR Art Night at the Four Seasons Hotel. Harper’s BAZAAR Art and The Royal Academy of the Arts organized a gala celebrating the first edition of Art Basel Hong Kong. With the theme of “Art Changes the World”, the event confirms Hong Kongs place as a significant player in the emerging global art market.

Bazaar Art is one of the most popular and influential art magazines in Asia. Their philosophy is “art leads fashion, and art creates value.” Bazaar Art’s mission is to discover new artists, introduce art to the general public, and enhance the value of art.

The Royal Academy of Arts is a pioneer in the arts, architecture, and design. It also one of the oldest and most influential art institutions in Great Britain.