Permanent Site-Specific Light Sculpture

Philippe Starck Malecón

DNA| Lima, Peru 2016



Media: LEDs, diffusion material, vinyl, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.
Dimensions: 7 ft 3 in x 4 ft x 1 ft 2 in


In harmony with Amoros’s body of work, UROS, DNA is a captivating addition to the series of light sculptures created by Grimanesa Amorós for a Peruvian private collection. 

Situated off the coast of Puno, the Uros Islands boast a remarkable existence as floating islets meticulously constructed from the Totora reeds cultivated in Lake Titicaca. Every aspect of life on these islands, from houses to boats to watchtowers, is intricately crafted using these versatile reeds. In UROS HOUSE, Amorós captures the essence of these enchanting islands, embracing their traditional techniques and distinctive architectural forms.

Adding a personalized touch, DNA incorporates the actual DNA of the commissioner. By employing the technique of silkscreening, the pattern of the commissioner’s hair becomes an integral part of the islands, replacing the reeds. This innovative approach infuses the artwork with a unique connection to its commissioner, fostering a profound interplay between the personal and the cultural.