Single Channel Video
Music by: Tan Dun Fire Ritual violin concertos / Eldbjørg Hemsing, Tan Dun, Oslo Philharmonic
Full Length: 4 min 22 sec
Year: 2020
Country of Production: USA
Music Rights: Hestia Arts AS on behalf of Eldbjørg Hemsing

The World Premiere Newsletter and detail read here and on The Civita Institute.

( English / Espanol )



For many years and most of my career, New York City has been my base. I took on this fellowship to challenge myself to take on a new space for my art. I am an avid history and architecture lover and therefore saw Civitia Di Baneregio as the perfect place to explore myself and craft for two months. While there I sought out to further understand the rich Estrucan history in Southern Italy and connect with the town. When seeing pictures you can imagine the beauty of Civita, but it is not until you climb to the top that you understand the deep soul it has. Methlum translates to township in Estruscan, which is the focal of the video I created for this project. This video aims to bring you on a journey with me of exploration of nature, not new, but full of mysteries.