Gilad Adin Interview

Interview with Grimanesa Amoros by Gilad Adin featuring Light Between the Islands at Litvak Gallery
Tel Aviv, Israel, 2013

Litvak Gallery

“Founded in 2008, Litvak Gallery established itself as a gallery with a focus on glass art, representing some of the leading glass artists worldwide. Among them are Dale Chihuly, Howard Ben Tre and Vaclav Cigler. ” (

Gilad Adin

“Gilad Adin offers strategic consulting in the field of media and marketing, holding a notable track record and proven experience in the implementation of innovative marketing, advertising and PR strategies in all media channels, especially internet and television.

The firm’s main area of expertise is the development of unique marketing solutions founded on a comprehensive understanding of content and a longstanding familiarity with the technological means by which to promote content in all aspects of the media world. Gilad Adin provides its clients with a customized media tools containing a wide range of creative marketing ideas to fit the company or organization’s distinct media and marketing needs.

The firm specializes in the production of creative promotional video, corporate films, image video, firm movie, promotional movie and viral video with the distinct capacity to promote any event, conference or expo to and wide yet specified audience.

Gilad Adin has been producing video films, movies and documentaries for over two decades. Gilad Adin is one of the known television directors in Israel, having broadcast hundreds of video documentary stories & films in all three national television channels since 1990. “(,213,67.aspx)

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