Single Channel Video
Guitar: Sharon Isbin
Flute: Carol Wincenc
Composers: Tan Dun, Joan Tower
Conductor: Muhai Tang
Lisbon Gulbenkian Foundation Orchestra
Full Length: 5 min 12 sec
Year: 2014
Country of Production: Spain/USA

OCUPANTE is a single channel video by Grimanesa Amoros about her previous visit to the Tabacalera, a historical site of a former tobacco factory at Madrid Spain.

The building was built in 1790.  It turns into a tobacco and Snuff Factory in 1809 afterwards and working as such until the end of the 20th century. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport took over in 2003. In order to make it a cultural centre that holds temporary exhibitions and activities on photography, contemporary art and the visual arts.  

There are two spaces in the facility, firstly, Tabacalera, an Art Promotion space where it hosts art exhibitions. Secondly, the La Tabacalera de Lavapiés as a self-managed social center, any type of cultural activities for example, theatre, music, dance, workshops and audiovisual presentations are taking place.

OCUPANTE was screening at Ludwig Museum Koblenz and Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, please read the newsletter here and here.

( English / Espanol )



OCUPANTE was inspired by Grimanesa Amoros’s first visit to the space Tabacalera in Madrid, located in the multicultural neighborhood of Lavapiés.

As economic globalization is embraced and celebrated by many countries worldwide, some countries and borders welcome immigration rather than devising methods to prevent immigrants from crossing these newly “open borders.” OCUPANTE takes the viewer on a journey through different physical spaces, where dreams and reality constantly interlace, allowing them to become the occupants of their own realities.